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How We Started


The Home Musician is geared towards those of us that like to play, and make music at home.  Collecting lots of pedals over the years I've never been a fan of the small silver button used to engage the effect.  Playing barefoot that button is rather uncomfortable, and sometimes hard to hit when you're really jamming hard.  With the advent of 3D printing I decided to tackle the problem and come up with something that was more comfortable.  After many iterations and prototype prints the Stompbox Buddy was born.

Additionally, I wanted something to protect my rack gear from getting the dreaded rack rash.  After a few prototypes I developed the RackRash Cup.

These are just the first two products in our lineup.  I hope to add several more in the months to come.

I hope you will find these products to be helpful for you and customize your rig's look.

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3D Printing Manufacturing


We take pride in providing the best 3D printed products for you, the home musician. We use high quality filaments to ensure the final product is the best it can possibly with today's 3D printing technology.

When you buy from us you are supporting USA manufacturing.  All 3D printed products are proudly Made In The USA!

The Home Musician


Whether you're a guitarist, keyboardist, DJ or another type of musician, the place where we all started playing was at home.  There are lots of products on the market for the  gigging musician, but there aren't many that are geared towards being a home musician.  Although the guitar accessories featured on this site are geared towards the home musician, they can be used on the road, gigging and touring around the world.  The high quality filaments used in our products will ensure that they last for many years to come.  Just know that we have you, the home musician, in mind at all times.